7 Christian Books to Read Now


Everyone who call themselves a Christian ought to know that we are Christians because we are followers of Jesus, saved by faith through grace. Regardless of how loud or quiet, you would like the worship service to be, we are still one body under Jesus’ banner. So let’s be nice to one another and put aside our differences. We are different because God is a creative God. Imagine if we all like the same songs, talk the same way, dance the same way – what a boring world.

With that said, here are 7 books that I think all Christians should read, regardless of how you’d like your Sunday service to be.


1. The Holy Bible by God

Of course! And for good reasons. I have been encouraged, corrected, built up, directed and so on, even amused, from reading the Bible. It is an essential part of my daily life. The Bible is not just an ancient text, it is a living word of God. I know, I sound crazy, but it’s true. I am not speaking as an expert historian or theologian here, I can’t tell you historically date by date how the bible is accurate. Check this guy out, he has written an article called top 10 reasons the bible is true. And also check Bethinking, a website where you can dig deeper on the topic (or others) yourself. Don’t waste your time in reading things that don’t intrigue you. Now that you are intrigued, go and read the Bible.

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2. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

Another great book here. My second favorite book after the Bible. It’s like the Bible, paraphrased lol. No spoilers for you, but read this book to see Christian in his journey as a Pilgrim and the other characters that follow. Christians are pilgrims in this world. Earth is not our home y’all, we’re just passing through. Fun fact: this book inspired the name of this blog, Pilgrim’s progress Design Odyssey, see the connection?

Such an amazing book! Christian fundamentals explained. Read this book. ‘Nuff said.
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Reading this book was a very humbling experience. This book tells of his life from beginning to the end. His ministry and love to the Indians are amazing. This guy is no less than inspiring, read this book, you won’t regret it.



5. Answers to Prayer: George Mueller

This book is an account of a man named George Mueller who cared for 10,024 orphans in England. Throughout his ministry in caring and educating the orphans, he’s never requested for any financial support nor has he been in debt. This book tells of the miracles of how God provides for him and his many many children. A very encouraging book to read. Also served as a great reminder for myself that God provides and I’ve got nothing to worry about.
This book tells about John Paton and his wife + child, who went to New Hebrides, the South Sea Island Cannibals. The things that happened to this man are just crazy! But his persistence in ministering to the people resulted in even more crazy amazing things. I was crying my eyeballs out reading this book. I think I’d like to read it again.
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This is a series of 12 best-selling novels about earth after the rapture. Super exciting and entertaining. Almost 100% biblically accurate. This series is an interpretation of what is to come before/during/after Rapture. Many people argue over these books but remember that this series is somewhat fictional and it is best to treat it as that. Nobody knows what the future is gonna be like anyway, it’s all interpretation and expectation now. Meanwhile, please chill and don’t deprive yourself of books like these.
There you go, 7 books I have read and found to be very moving and useful, educational and intriguing in many ways. I hope that you will give them a chance and read them as I did.
* these books are my personal recommendations and are linked with Amazon affiliates program. 

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