Casey’s Last Vlog

So, Casey Neistat, with over 5 million subscribers on youtube, ended his vlog today. This is just sad. I’ve always enjoyed his daily vlogs and his product reviews on filming gears but I completely agree with his reasonings behind ending his daily vlogs.

His main reason for starting the vlog was to challenge himself creatively to produce something amazing every day. That challenge has led him to wake up everyday thinking of ideas how to create a great video for that day, every day. A very similar reason as to why I started this blog. I could easily sit back and play the sims all day every day while my husband works to support us both financially but that is gonna send me straight to death in creativity. Nobody wants that and therefore I also challenge myself in the same creative journey, as Casey did with his vlog, to scare myself every single day and push myself beyond what I had done before.

And when it all gets comfortable, I will also quite this blog, as Casey did with his vlog. Although that might be awhile, I just started after all 🙂 It’s just encouraging to see someone letting go of such massive success all for the sake of the next creative challenge. I am positive that this blog will grow too with time. Meanwhile, watch his last vlog below and subscribe to my blog. Cheers!



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