Never Despise Meager Beginnings

I have seen this video awhile back and have returned to it many times now. I just find this video to be ringing with so much truth and encouragement that I need to always go back and remind myself that it’s ok to suck.

I know many people out there are in the same situation like me, where we are stuck in what Marie calls, perfection paralysis. Super true! We keep thinking to ourselves that “no not gonna publish yet, it’s not perfect yet!”. Marie is right in saying that your work will never be perfect and when it is perfect, you’ll be way too late. The train would have left ya already.

So click the video and be inspired to go ahead now, the time is now. If Marie Forleo started with 5 people in her workshop in a basement, then I can start a design and lifestyle blog with 5 subscribers.

Never despise meager beginnings.


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