For When We Are Stuck In A Creative Rut

I am confident that I am not the only one facing this problem from time to time. There are moments when I am so on fire, super productivegets everything done nicely and it feels really great. But there are those days when every drop of creative juice is like pure liquid gold, you know what I mean. As much as I dislike those days because of how uncomfortable it makes me feel, I think I can still make the most of those days in the most productive ways.

There is a saying, create before you consume. While this is super true in most days when the sun shines and all, I would propose another add on to this saying for when the darkness comes. Create before you consume; consume to create. This is what I mean, why not use the days when we are stuck in a rut to consume healthy-life-giving food for our brains. Don’t just consume anything though, we want a proper brain food and I think that is a productive way to use our time, right? Self educating ourselves through the Internet. There are a vast selection of places where we can learn from just about anything.

Here are lists of resources that we can consume to generate fuel for when we need to create.

Youtube Channels

1. Tedx Talks

I’m quite certain that you would probably know this already. If you don’t, this place is where you watch videos of amazing people present ideas that are radical and educational. Below is an example of a Tedx talk I like.

2. Marie Forleo

The place to be to create a business and a life you love. What an awesome tagline. Check out my post about one of her video here, about starting sucky 😆

3. Houzz TV

Interior + Architectural videos of beautiful houses. Their videos are good to watch when I daydream about my future house lol

4. I Like To Make Stuff

Very interesting channel to watch tutorials on making things like a bed, a secret door book shelf, wooden digital clock and so on.

5. HomeMadeModern

Somewhat similar to #4 in terms of the type of content they produce but they are totally different in style. As you can see from the name of this channel, it’s all about DIY modern things at home. Definitely check them out.

Cool Websites  

Endless supply of amazing things!

1. This is Colossal

2. Wired

3. Bored Panda

And when all else fails, resort to Stumble Upon. Literaly stumble upon stuff and you may find something to kickstart your creative flow. I love this website.

That’s all for now, short and sweet.


Selly xx.

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