Gift Ideas for the Geeky Ones

I’m not sure how long this site has been around but I must say that this is the best place to shop for gifts for my geeky ones.

I am seriously surrounded by geeks. My husband is a geek, don’t even get him started on Star Trek. His family is all geeks. Close friends from church and bible study are also geeks. And for me, I was not a geek before, but I feel myself becoming geekier as I watch one after another episode of Star Trek. Not a bad thing for sure, loving this transformation.

I love giving gifts to people. I spend quite a while thinking of creative things to give. As I was looking for gifts for my husband’s birthday in May, I found this awesome site called ThinkGeek. So thrilled to found you!!

Below are some gift ideas I have, for mine and your geeky loved ones. I hope you find this list helpful.

1. Borg Cube fridge

A friendly borg cube (a sigh of relief)


2. TOS Communicator

Tears of joy running down my face.


3. Star Trek Jacket

Great jacket, black and sleek.


4. TOG Watch

ps. I’d like this one for myself 🤗


5. Star Trek 50th Anniversary backpack

James needs a new backpack, this one looks good.


6. BB8 Wall Charger

This is one way to dress up your power socket. BB8 Wall charger everyone.


7. Nixon Ranger Chrono Leather SW Watch

Fancy nerd.


8. R2-D2 Popcorn Maker

For when we watch geeky tv series.


9. Death Star Waffle Maker

Start the morning right with geeky waffles guys.


10. Star Wars Dad Pin


There you go, 10 items from ThinkGeek that I’d like to get.


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