Hong Kong December 2016 Photo Journal

One of the great thing about living in Guangzhou is its close proximity to Hong Kong. The stark difference between Guangzhou and Hong Kong is well known to most people who have been to both places. Simply put, Hong Kong is more organized than Guangzhou. Don’t get me wrong, Guangzhou is still a great city in its own way. But for a way of life, I think I prefer Hong Kong for myself. One thing I don’t quite like about Hong Kong, though, is how expensive stuff is. Maybe because I’ve lived in Guangzhou for almost 6 years now and maybe I’ve gotten quite used to how cheap (almost) everything is.

I went to Hong Kong this weekend with my sister in law so that she could take her SAT test on that Saturday morning. When we arrived in Hong Kong, we just went straight to the hotel and stayed there for the rest of the night. I would normally want to go out and explore a little bit but because she was taking an important test the next day, I think it would be best to stay in so that she could be most refreshed the next morning.

Without wasting the opportunity, no matter how little, I snapped a few pictures with my phone from the hotel room and the SAT test location. Not quite happy with the picture quality but I think they are pretty good for an iPhone 5 shots.





Selly xx





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