Guangzhou December 2016 Photo Journal

First of all, my sincerest apologies for the radio silence. I have been so busy working out plans, reading rules and regulations regarding our visa paperwork and travel stuff. Because we don’t have fixed travel dates and we don’t wanna pay more than necessary 😜  our planning process has been a little bit tougher than usual.

James is applying for a work visa right now, but the university required a police report from his home country in order to complete the process. Other friends of ours who are familiar with the process have said that he shouldn’t need a police report from a country he hasn’t lived in for the past 8 years but instead, he should get a police report from China. We are currently waiting for our friends in New Zealand to receive the report by email which she will email to us, and we will forward to the school in order for the work permit application to proceed.

The new academic semester begins in February next year and it seems James is gonna miss one or two weeks of classes due to all the other steps that still needed to be done.

I’ve applied for my New Zealand visa, waiting for it to come. The lady at the visa office said that it normally takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete the process. That takes me to days past my sister’s engagement party in Indonesia. Just another issue that cropped up, but we’ve sorted most things already. I also got my one-way ticket to Indonesia (feels so sad and depressing traveling without James)  and if all goes according to plan, I will be spending the crossover moment to 2017 at the airport waiting room. Alone.

Anyway, here is just me talking about the paperwork and their processing time that happen to always clash with one another. How funny lol BUT we are not without hope! We are sure that everything will work out. God is in control.

Anyway, as I was waiting for another office to open after lunch to get a piece of paper for the university. I went around my apartment complex and took some pictures of this rugged pathway surrounded with wild flowers and vines.

Hope you like the pictures. Shot with iPhone 5, edited with Snapseed.




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