End of Year Thoughts

Christmas is coming guys! It doesn’t feel like a year has gone by, who else relates to this? high five.

Many things have happened this year, both good and bad. Each has brought its own lessons and I can say that I am excited to step into 2017.

Speaking of new year, I’ve never really done a new year resolution before because I know that I won’t follow them through and therefore I think that the action of making this list is a waste of time. Obviously, this is not a very good attitude lol but that’s how it is. There is, however, a bit of a change now as I am slightly more convinced and motivated that a new year resolution list is not all that bad. At the very least it gets people thinking about what they actually want to achieve in the coming year. That I think is the first step to achieving something. The next big step, that people usually don’t follow through, is the action of actually achieving it. It is often said that we don’t have enough willpower to follow through the to-do list but I think that is not entirely true.

I think if we make these goals into bite size pieces, we will have a higher chance of achieving them. For example, instead of setting a goal to look like Karlie in 2017, we can try to set more reasonable and more feasible goals like eat healthier food, less meat more veggies, more water less soda, exercise for 15 minutes every morning or cut down on sugar or salt. Somethings that will actually improve our quality of life, our skillset, appreciation of others and so on. Watch the video below from Marie about reviewing your year and setting new year goals.

Now that the balance is tipping in favor of setting a new year resolution for me, I feel that I should reevaluate my life before 2016 ends and create a list of my own. I encourage you to do the same. IF (not when) we fail to follow through these goals in 2017, fear not, pick up where we left off even if it is August 2017. Ya know. Fall 7 times, rise 8 times.

Anyway, about this week, it has been quite a memorable one, and again it seems to have gone past like a blur. James has been working hard and I am utterly grateful for his willingness to support us both this way and we are also extremely happy and blessed for the opportunities God has brought to us.

This Saturday James was helping out a friend who was speaking at an event to introduce Australia. James, a Kiwi, helped to sing some Australian songs for the Chinese folks who came with their kids which include I still call Australia Home by Peter Allen. His family had a good laugh when they jokingly called him a traitor.



The people gathered weekly for a cultural exchange between many different countries, and last Saturday was Australia. We all had so much fun, the kids went a bit bonkers with sprinkles on their DIY fairy bread.

Also, yesterday James and I hosted our very first Christmas party for the church’s worship team members. We had an impromptu songwriting with everyone taking turns in singing one verse from John 1 at a time. Everyone brought food and when we put them all together on the table we realized how unhealthy they were. Just meat, no veggies haha this is our true color. I think the highlight of the party was when we sat and shared what we were thankful for in 2016 and what we are looking forward to in 2017. We were very encouraged from this time of sharing, eager to see what God has in store.


sorry for the image quality, James’ iPad is a bit dodgy.

That’s all for now. Thank you so much for reading.

Cheers, Selly xx.

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