Longest Holiday Ever


The last time I saw my husband was 15 minutes before 2017 comes. He took me to the airport and said bye there at the gate before I leave for Indonesia. Fast forward two months and a week, I am finally back in China again with my hubby. Dude longest holiday ever.

Many things have happened in the offline world for me. I haven’t as much as poked on this site for that long. Pretty sure that’s not a great habit to keep lol

This trip was packed with lots of things. First of all, my sister’s traditional engagement.

DIY decor with my parents


My brother and I with the happy couple! Isn’t she lovely 😍

Then after the engagement comes the wedding reception. Over 1000 people came. Our high school friends from Malaysia who now live in Melbourne also made the time to come. They’re so awesome!


Loved the music and decor. Such a great vibe!

With the lovely bride aka sister
And the amazing (two of the three) friends I was talking about



Recycling my fake lashes


The Age of Monobrows. Please excuse the hair, this is what normal people look like after a fantabulously awesome wedding.

Then after the wedding came Chinese New Year. Truly one thing after another. Also, I got a new haircut.



When all the family parties have ended. I started to work on my bridal shop. I begun by taking pictures of the dresses and uploaded them to the shop’s Instagram account. Check it out here @hanayabridal

Some dresses I took pictures of.



This post is getting a bit long. I’ll continue telling stories about my trip and more pictures of my bridal store in the next post.

Thanks for reading.





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