Thinking of the Future to Come


Last Tuesday James and I had some time to kill before Bible study begins so we went to a nearby Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee. I got my usual Matcha Latte, the best drink ever.

Then as always, we talked about our lives and how we are doing at the moment, as a couple, as Christians, financially and so on. We quickly got onto the topic of our Work and Spouse visas situation. Can you believe that we started to apply for a work visa in April 2016 and we still haven’t had it yet lol such is life abroad. But anyway, we are onto the last step now and that is to get the police report authenticated in NZ and when that is done, we will reapply for a work visa and hopefully after 4-7 working days, we will know whether our application has been accepted or not. Pretty nerve-wracking time because that will THE moment we have been waiting for, the “to be or not to be” moment.

Suppose that we get the visa, we dreamed of traveling during the work holidays to a few locations! First off, the earliest holiday that comes after the visa news will be the summer holiday for China. During this time we wish to travel to Indonesia and New Zealand to see our family and friends. We hope to make a quick stop in Melbourne to see my friends there who came to my sister’s wedding.

When that’s done, October holiday comes. We are thinking of visiting Tibet! Big dream haha but dreams are good for us. James said we can take the train north to Tibet and make stops on the way to explore other cities and then take the plane to return home.

Next up will be the Spring Festival 2018. Obviously, we will go to Indonesia to celebrate Chinese New Year with my parents but after that, we hope to see a bit more of Indonesia. Maybe we will start with the cliche, Bali and then a couple more cities in Java island.

Then, Summer 2018 would be a great time for a road trip in Europe don’t you think?

Back to reality, this is how far we’ve got for the moment. Rough sketch of our travel plans for the near future. Again, these can only be if we get the visa to remain in China. In the case of visa failure, we will pack our things and head off to start a new life in New Zealand. Not all bad, though, it is one of the MOST beautiful countries in the world. If we do move there, we promise each other to not waste any traveling opportunities we have. I would love to see the country while I have the blessing to live and work in it.

Either way, it’s a win-win. That’s all for now.



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