Remember This

How often have you been frustrated when you’re presenting an idea or a solution only to have them be brushed off without a thought? This often happens to me when I was younger and discussing matters with my parents. I understand what I may have said to them were probably weightless, therefore It is within reasons for them to brush it off the table. Don’t get me wrong, we all love one another. Deep conversation is what we do all the time as a family. We suck at games lol. Anyway..

I still experience this unpleasantness from time to time now at 24. I seem to think that at this age I ought to have enough knowledge to not be brushed off anymore. With this mindset, I find myself growing more and more frustrated at my parents. Then I prayed for help, because I really want to be a good testimony of Christ to my unbelieving parents. I want to honor them as it’s written in the Bible. The next morning, I stumbled upon this familiar but forgotten verse. And now I am humbled. This is the solution to my life long trouble.


Remember these.

proverbs 3-7

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