Hellow and welcome to my blog,

I’m Selly, from Indonesia, based in China. I’m a freelance graphic designer. When my full-time job ended, I started this blog to document my Design Odyssey as a designer. I would like to one day look back and see how I grow as a creative individual.

To achieve this goal I’ve set, I will be updating this blog with all things beautiful and inspiring. Not just eye candy stuff though, I shall also be sharing resources and lessons I acquire as I go on this odyssey.

Please subscribe and follow me on Instagram @sellyniaaa to receive the latest update or send me an email to say hi, after all, I’m also here to make friends. 🙂


Selly xx



Design Odyssey is a blog purposed to track my personal growth and journey as a designer.

This blog contains opinions that are not affiliated with anyone or any organizations but my own.

Information provided on this blog is true to my best knowledge but may contain mistakes or errors. Images used on this site are either my own or sourced from royalty free websites (click image to see its original source).

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